Thursday, October 15, 2009

Other side...

Finaly i done my concept test. It was ok, I made another blog -

Im taking a break for this blog and move over the other side...

sigh :/

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

can't sleep

Tomorrow Concept test, right now i cant clear my mind. Surfing the net and DC... restart my comp more than 10 times today.

today's topic: Being alone.

15 DAYS left, my birthday. Celebration? i dont think so... My cousin wont care about anyones birthday, its normal to them. My cousin had her birthday like many weeks ago. Cake? nope... don't have but a normal dinner. These few days, i felt different. Full of silence, university friends doing their stuff. I dont really hang out with them much. With classmates, well just say hi and hows things going then answer few questions then thats it. Compare to previous friends, crazy things can happen. But here.... white people and me, ok theres no racist or weird stuff happen together. Its like er... hamster meets a mouse. Yeah something like that.

Every morning, i wake up and i sure look at the window next to me, so peaceful and then crawl out my bed and go brush teeth breakfast and walk walk walk... all the way to uni. When into tutorial or class, i sure sit there. Everyone is talking... to be not so anti social, i join them. But then still.. lol bored, wrong key is guess. Finish class then walk out, say bye to classmates, nothing much. Not like eh come la jom makan or come to my place gaming or whatever shenanigans....In canteen - always Powerade xD and either Pie or Lamb with rice. Sit alone in the corner or outside the garden. Either continue class or then walk home. Just like that...monday to friday. Repeat reapeat and repeat. Saturday sunday,sleep late wake up.. computer or work. Not much hanging out with friends seriously... i do know quite a lot, but nothing happen at all. Just me myself with my loneliness.

To be honest... now im thinking to make another blog for those kind of feeling. Cause this blog suppos to be my happy moments and pwning noobs.


Tomorrow concept test - hmm already strike means later... Good luck 4 me i guesss...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wind changes direction....

Today i woke up around 10. Look at the window, i wish i had a car and i wanna drive far far away. I look at my computer, o0o . Sigh... Another F*ckin day another F*ckin way.... But something happen...

I remember my 3D lecturer told all the students the result of the 3D toy assignment was out. So i go online and see mine.

When i saw my marks... the reaction is like this -
1) =.=
2) o.o
3) O.o
4) O.O
5) 8|
6) 8)
7) 8D
8) =D
9) xD
10) o0o ^^ o0o

It was great!!!Status: Graded on 7 October 2009 11:04 PM

Grade: 94 out of 100

My mood changes, i felt yeah. Then theres a comment below from my lecturer:-

Author: Josh Whitkin Date: 7 October 2009 11:04 PM very good. Near-perfect match in form and materials. Clear skills in modeling and basic texturing. Did not follow instructions on packaging. Essay is good and detailed documentation is excellent.

Well, to be honest i didnt really full power to do that assigment, maybe because of my lazyness. 94 marks motivated me. The marks from 80 - 100 is consider High distinction. Fuwaa!!!! HD definition. Uiseh syiok sendiri liao... xD
I learn something valuable from that, i know theres an invinsible stairs which allows me to climb higher, 1 just need to work hard and find it myself.

Well yeah, i cant play WoW doesnt mean im not gonna talk abot HAIMS!!!! games xD
Recently i got bored and try to play a bit of casual games which i bought from Uni. Its cheap cause of trial version and i need to register, maybe i will lol.
Support Original!!!!
Then after that, i got bored haha, cause its too easy. I wanna find something challenging for me. So i play Solitare in my desktop. Against time. lol kinda lame but what to do?

Yeah!!! Heres my latest score!!! haha...

So october ... hmm, theres few things in mind i would like to do.
1. Drink with friends
2. cake
3. er.... lol im a bit nervous thou^^ i also dont know how to say.
Just a symbol of <3 HAHA!

Few more days exam, video games studies. =.= swt oh well thats it! study time xD

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Announcement: Time bomb!

These coming months. Just to know that, i wont be playing WoW untill i go back home.
So sad...
Reason-> time bomb as in im now using my own broadband.
who planted it? My retarded mom.
It began when the monthly Quota became limited. The net was slow, then theres a conflict between me and my parents regarding the net is slow " What do you expect me to do"
then things screw up that night. I was piss off. I decided to wait the next line to come back and plan properly around 13th of october. Well i wait.. untill last week, my dad called me told me mom in KL. And she saw a new broadband is cheap and "ASK" me whether do i wanted or not. So i think, ... see 1st lah. I let you know later,

Inside my mind-
1. waste of money
2. i already bought a D-Link wireless connection
3. it is almost 13th of october
4. if i use the broadband, then theres limitations
5. it is slower than the one im using
6. I can't pwned noobs in WoW
7. if i play WoW and used up the Quata then i cant do my work
8. need to install the program and waste space for my PC.
9. monthly payment some more
10. oh FUCK...

I didnt take it seriously cause i was to excited to wait till 13th oct. But then friday i came back from uni around 8pm. My aunt told me... here i brought your stuff,
at 1st i thought was PS3 lol... but then, its a small package, and FUCK IT!!! its the motherfucking broadband.

What happen inside my mind
1. What the Fuck
2. i didnt say i wanted it
3. oh shit.... =.=

My aunt keep telling me to use it wisely again and again. I hear that sure something is wrong. Then the time i was too tired. I ate, bath and go to my room, then... my aunt say: Why you dont want the broadband, give me then the internet line is not working. I didnt give a fuck cause too tired, i took it go to my room and sleep early.... suddenly i heard outside the living room, my cousins are using msn webcam and stuff all laughing like retards along my aunt.

inside my mind
1. If you say internet not working then why so noisy damn it...

The next day:
i look at the box... then..nah .. just put it aside. I rather not gonna use it.
Then, shit! i cant log in the internet. My bastard aunt changed the password. Straight away i piss mode.Think back those words she said about using it wisely.

Meaning -> she dont want me to use the internet, so i just stick with mine.

I felt sad, force to use the new broadband. The name of the brand - Virgin -
Sounds stupid too. Again, i didnt wanted it... 5G speed. theres a limit for it, i cant go hard core on gaming or Youtube and stuff.But only safe my space for assignments.Its like a time bomb if explode then its useless.I think this is an example how emo kids came out. Suffer for no reasons. I hate emo. I remember i read someone's blog mention how he hates his life cause of limitations, i forgot who. I think im becoming one.

What's next?
1. what else, ASSignments
2. i try not to use too much... why? im piss and i hate it
3. i wont be playing WoW for 2 months but i still on Forum
4. wait
5. when i come back kk, screw my parents cause of this.
6. Return of Vondoom. DEC 9

Since now im bored, i can take time posting stuff these few month

OCTOBER - The month of my birthday. Begining of the month already im not Happy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Death cow comes too the light. HOLY COW!!!!

Last few weeks, ive been farming one of Nigel's alt character - Warrior - name - SHUAH!!! lolz...Because of the inspiration of a Youtube video. I made it Fury warrior. Result... WALAOWEH!!! it was devastating! his a killa ! And no way that im not gonna review this bugger xD


Helm shoulder chest - T7
Pants - T8
Hands - T9
neck, waist,wrist, shoe and 1 ring - Naxx gears

I didnt update the cloak thou cause didnt manage to find one so he still wearing the level 78 rep gear. As well as both Trinket.

I got 2 axes - Deathbite from Kel Thuzard. One of the strongest weapon in the raid.

A Polearm, which is very strong too.

For the weapon Shuah equip will be the Polearm as main hand and Deathbite for offhand. The reason i dont use both Deathbite is because i tested it. The combination of the Polearm and Axe gives higher streght and attack power. Deathbite attack speed is slow, but if i use the polearm, it will balance with haste speed. Even though Deathbite gives higher stamina, but adding 200 to 400 doesnt make any differents. The most important thing for a warrior is to hit hard as they can.

Other melee weapons-
I got him Anarchy - Dagger from Kel Thuzard as well. For dmg test.
Fist weapon with set include main and offhand.
Staff - For druids but nobody loot that item so i just take it for fun xD
1 handed sword "Hatestrike" The same sword with my DK Deathcentaur using. 1.40 attack speed. Why not? lol i would like to try.
Shield - Every warrior needs a shield when they on defensive stand.

Range weapon-
Just a gun from Kel Thuzard. It consider a very good choice.



well kinda... Theres still many things Shuah needs, Im thinking to raid VoA for Furious gears and Titan Outlook from OS. And of course, Enchantments and Gems. With this Killer Warrior. Trust me! PumP all Attack power and stamina straight GG.

Dmg Tactics -
I got few styles to use this destroyer. Everytime i ready my rage and shout skill.
1st- In battle stands.
I shoot the enemy with gun and i quickly spam charge. Bleed the enemy, Thunder clap and Hamstring to slow them down. Spam Heroic untill Overpower icon comes out.

2nd - In defensive stands
The same technique but instead of spamming Heroic i go to Defensive stands and hit the enemy with sheild. Hitting him will stun awhile to ensure longer i just add in stomp. After that i have a choice whether Go back to battle stand and Berserk stands.

3rd -In Beserk stands
Of course all Fury warrior player should know the way to play the fury skills.
Intercepts - spam bloodlust and whirlwind... adding in heroic strike and cleave but make sure theres still rage for bloodlust and whirlwind.

I also play around with Intimidate shout and charge back with Intercept.

Dmg Test -
In the process, the 1st time i use Shuah before having epics.The only thing i can say... LoL! some gears are wrong. The shoulder was Intellect O.o and some gears are mail. It doesnt matter, with those gears... max crit is 4k. Not bad! its okay... so i took my time to raid and test dmg and raid again and test dmg again.
slow 5k to 6k to 7k and the end i break one of the record of whirlwind in the inspirational video i saw. lol! in the video at 4.05 the Warrior did splash DmG 9582 and 5601. But for me, :) the picture below. I was shocked! i quickly press screen shot as fast as i can and there it is. Shuah did 9902 and 9330! Want more proof ?! lol look at my skill bar. Bloodlust and whirlwind cool down and i press execute after the 9k 9k came out. xD

Heres another picture.... 12k execution

Im more to Paladins, not that good in Warriors but i did practise awhile and watch tutorials. I did cover up the basics.So far last few weeks i learn that, hunters, enhances shamans, rogues, feral druid, and mages are Shuah's food =D

Tip and conclusion-
"NEVER" stun a warrior. Can generate HP if got stun. Thats why shuah just charge in a group of alliance dogs and hoping they gang bang.

So again theres still lot more to go, so how is the main character Kylar? I review more soon. Getting good stuff already!!! xD

Quick review for Huntard :
Kylar got full FURIOUS accesories. (better than deadly gears)

One last thing i need to say - Jeremy!!! need more gems!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death moo's update.

1st of all, im in the library University blogging xD. And 2nd of all im gonna take this oppurtunity to talk about my upcoming style which im gonna try for my DK

and there he is... my next talent tree for my DK. As you can see i marked 5 red boxes on top... which is the main focus and reason for the whole damn spec xD.

focus review:

1)Icy talons - Your leech heat from victims of your Frost Fever so that when their melee attack is is reduced, yours increases by 20% for the next 20 sec.

2)Improved Icy Talons - Your Icy Talons effect increases the melee haste of your group or raid by 20% for the next sec.In addition, increase your haste by 5%

Here is why to up this talent, the concept is this: slow enemy down and increase your attack faster. its like poking ...lulz

3)Black ice -Icreases your Frost and shadow damage by 10%

4)Necrosis - Your auto attacks deal an additional 20% shadow damage.

So as i mention previous topic. 10+20 = 30% of shadow damage on the auto attack :)

5)Blood - caked blade - Your auto attack have a 30% chance to cause blood caked strike , which hits for 25% weapon damage plus 12.5% for each of your diseases on the target

ok heres a new one, another auto attack. So since my DK haste gone faster well why not? lol. With the help of stomp and chains of ice, these two can help me slow down my enemy. But wait... theres more, in addition for my DK, with the help of a skill called "Spirit of the wind" (Increases movement speed for 15 minutes) this is an instant cast skill.

So overall my aim is to speed to speed up and kill fast. Yeah the style is way more different than Vondoom.

More updates coming soon

before i stop... heres my Vondoom's random picture of the day :)

Q-Meaning behind this picture?

A- Vondoom cant play cause havent patch 3.2.0 , now he is asleep.
When he wakes up, i tell you in your face Alliance!!!
Remember this!!! im gonna kill you and rape you untill your mother cant recognize your stupid alliance face!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review for these few weeks.

So 1st of all, WoWscape are now Patch 3.2.0 , its amazing that scape changes so quick O.o compare to the previous years such as 2.4.0 sunwell took around few months after it came out. And again, good bye to 3.1.3 , awh... i didnt upload the new patch today cause the net went down. So i decide to do my homework and stuff.
The good part is, the night before the new patch. Retedz !!!! came back and raid together!! woo!!! hmm..they are - Vondoom!! Ivami, Poisonrose, Jaderium, silentming, Divinec, Ige, vakuul, and sonnies. So around 9 players and add up with few alts, together the whole raid is around 11 or 12? lawl. 1st raid VoA then continue to Naxx.
Vondoom is the tanker wanker xP. The sad part is naxx lagged and we got DC few times.

Here we are, raiding Patchwerk. I told them to line up and take photo, but then Ivami's treants go attack. xD

So 3.2.0 The Argent Tournament! im looking forward to the quatermaster. Npc there sure give good gears :) As for Vondoom, well... Furious Gears here i come! xD
Last week, i started a Dk Tauren name: Deathcentaur. With the help of WoWquest, i think not even 1 day i can reach to lvl 80. And comes to raiding i admit, So Fcukin hard! Took me like few days later then i can get gears. I got ninja and lost loot a lot that time. And now i can officially review DK with my own experience, cause previously i created a DK but the server full of Buggs.Then i lazy to play

heres before... xD
Ok, this is when i complete lvl 80 with full reputation gears.Lawl it look sucks i know ahahaha.
Spec - blood
weapon - polearm from kalak" something something.
im sure a lot of people know about the spec, so for me i think that 2 handed with blood spec have high dmg, so before i choose this spec i think. Arthas with 2 handed weapon, as for DK why not? xD Looks cool. I choose tauren because of the racial skill stomp. Blood sure crit a lot, the time with rep gears only i can crit for 5k. And it consider not bad.

And here is after!

Major changes!!! 2 handed weapon? am i lying? xD
spec- frost
weapon- both 1 handed weapon from naxx (forgot what name d :p)
lolol, the reason is the sword name called silent crusader drop from mobs (heroic mode) both of the sword look awesome and damn cool! its cold as ice and the dmg is high. I got those weapon when im still blood spec, so i think...weapon is icy but my tauren gears is red bloody and hot. LoL design studies HAHAHA, so i go back to ebon hold change to Frost spec. Then i go test the dummy, and then.... i got shocked!!! the dps is fast! the sword speed is around 2.10 which is normal, then because of the spec, my speed gone faster to 1.50. Then i wanted more!!! lollolololol ... there i go, aim all haste gears and weapon! 1 time i raid naxx i got this i handed sword the attack speed is 1.40 then i tried it, it boost me to 0.88 WOAH!!! It starting to become like a rogue with daggers, i starting to go crazy and want more more~!!! xD
The night with the last raid before 3.2.0 i got few gears which boost me up again, and this time 0.85 attack speed!!! WTF LoLoLoL! And!!!! my neck, chest, wrist and legs are not haste gears.Means i can go more crazy than 0.85 .I even fraps arena with my DK, got win got lose. Cause im not really fammiliar PvP using DK, still need practise xD.

Comes to 3.2.0 i still need to download but rather not cause got other things i need to complete. I did research the talent tree xD. I found new things too! This time , i will try mix with unholy skill 9/47/15 because of the "NECROSIS - your auto attacks deal an additional 20% shadow damage" hmmm... and the frost spec with" BLACK ICE - increase your frost and shadow damage by 10%" .... mmhhhmm
Shadow damage add up together 30% and then my attack speed is like 0.85 .LoL! I can feel it!! xD This is something i must try ^^

Vondoom review!:
As for that retarded paladin, hes been tanking raid these days and help friends gear up. Ally noobs still die a lot because of him, heres a random vondoom pic of the day:

LoL 14628 extra holy damage :p Ghey or not?

Ret nerf down on 3.2.0, so erm... dont know xD .These few weeks for me is all about DK ! anti paladins, im sick of paladin with the same donor swords =.= qq..
I wanna try something new too, since WoWscape dont have pro Deathknights.
So yeah, more to stuff to review soon.